Susan Silber

Fundraising and program development support for
environmental and education organizations

Susan Silber Consulting creates and supports projects that build a sustainable, equitable and resilient world.

I specialize in supporting non-profit organizations and community groups who are working on sustainability projects. focusing on the following:

  • Grant writing and other fundraising support
  • Transition Towns and other community organizing projects
  • Strategic planning, program development and program implementation for environmental education programs


Guiding Principles:

  • The 21st Century is emerging as the time for a unique and urgent opportunity to transform our society into a world that is more earth-centered, respects all species and places an equal emphasis on people, planet and profits.
  • Communities can and should work together to build resilience in the wake of climate change and peak oil. There are already thousands of amazing projects happening all over the world, which we can use as models and replicate.
  • Environmental education programs offer some of the best opportunities to teach children about some of the must pressing issues of their generation through best practices in education - hands-on, placed-based, real-life, academically-challenging learning.
  • Our children are our future. Let's give them the opportunity to speak to world about their visions for the future and the role they can play in building a sustainable world.

About Susan Silber:

I am more at home on a mountaintop than a computer, and am happiest when surrounded by caring, compassionate people who are passionate about the nature world. I am proud to say that I have always loved what I do and have always treasured who I work with. For the past 20 years I have have worked as a projector creator, fundraiser, program coordinator, teacher and writer. I have delighted in working and collaborating with some of the most exciting and esteemed organizations in the Bay Area and beyond, including the United States Peace Corps, Hostelling International, Acterra and the Marin Conservation Corps.  I live with my husband Shea and young daughter Luna in Berkeley, California in a tight-knit neighborhood, in a cozy home with a permaculture-style garden created by Living Mandala. When I'm not working on inspirational projects I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family, as well as bike riding, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, dance and hanging out with great people. 

 "Thank You Susan for ALL you DO and ARE to make our world a more kind, caring, compassionate, conscious, and healthy place!" -- Julia Butterfly Hill